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At Texas Truck & Trailer, we understand the importance of a secure and effective way to protect your truck bed and cargo from the elements. That’s why we proudly stock a wide range of trusted brands, including the top-tier tonneau covers from Truck Cover USA. These covers are meticulously designed to fit your specific truck make and model, ensuring a seamless and secure fit every time.


With an array of styles and features in our portfolio – from roll-up to folding covers, to those with advanced locking systems – we at Texas Truck & Trailer provide you with the opportunity to customize your tonneau cover to meet your unique requirements. Rest assured, when you choose Truck Cover USA from our diverse selection, you’re choosing reliability, quality, and a custom fit for your vehicle.

Authorized Truck Cover USA



The American Roll Cover is designed to expertly fit virtually every make and model of pickup truck sold today. Our roll cover has been uniquely engineered to adapt to roll bars, and accommodate both factory and aftermarket accessories. Simply stated, the American Roll Cover will fit your truck like a glove!


The American Roll Cover is double wall constructed using strong, lightweight aluminum. The cover alone is able to support an incredible +500lbs! In an effort to reduce scratching, the cover is finished with an attractive and durable textured powder coating. Finally, a unique, flex-tube water drain system and wider side rail seals ensure that unfavorable weather conditions will not lead to rust, or mechanical problems. Our American Roll Cover is designed to increase the durability of your truck. We are so confident that we offer an unheard of 2-year warranty!

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If you did not worry about protecting your cargo, you would not be carrying it with you. The American Roll Cover features a specialized locking system that keeps your load safe and your truck bed secure. Whether you are driving down the road, or browsing the shelves of the local hardware store, your cargo will be where you left it and in the condition you left it in.


The American Roll Cover is cleverly designed to accommodate various cargo needs. The retractable cover is tension driven for ease of movement, and has an automatic stop and lock point every 12 inches. This means you have the option of an open truck bed, a closed truck bed, or a partially open truck bed to provide just the right amount of cargo coverage and security anytime.



A tool box and American Roll Cover combination that makes a marriage of the highest product qualities – thus, TRUCK COVERS USA introduces you to the AMERICAN WORK COVER. This multifunctional product was engineered & designed with the work truck & style in mind – a must have for any work truck!

  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Sectioned Tool Box
  • Stylish Design & Superior Construction
  • Durable & Tough • Rust Preventative Properties
  • 2 Products in 1 – Multifunctional with Unmatched Security
  • Enhances the look of any Work Truck with Convenience and Ease of Use
  • Space Saving Design
  • OEM grade locking mechanisms which are e-treated for more wear resistance. Lock provides override if outside paddle should be locked. Molded rubber gasket for flange of housing provides resistance to water and dust infiltration.

With new innovative features & products, Truck Covers USA sets itself apart from the competition. We are not in business to produce truck covers that represent the industry standard, we are in business to become the industry standard. After seeing the number of requests rapidly growing for the American Roll Cover to be modified to fit a particular truck bed along with an existing tool box and realizing this niche in the market – research and development began. Two much needed products were now combined for the ideal work truck combination. The American Work Cover is awesome looking with the same unsurpassed quality Truck Covers USA prides itself on. Security, Style and Simplicity in a must have cover for any work truck!

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Truck Covers USA offers the option of Yakima tracks pre-installed on our side rails with any new Roll Cover unit. Customers with an existing Truck Covers USA roll cover who wish to incorporate this new & exciting cargo carrying option are able to purchase Yakima tracks pre-cut with installation hardware and instructions. Thereafter, you can “Plug and Play with other Yakima components-all offered by Truck Covers USA. Landing pads, skyline towers, cargo bars, and lock cores all available from us will transform your vehicle into the ultimate adventure vehicle for all sport and hobby needs. In addition, this system will provide for all your cargo carrying requirements. Truck Covers USA offers this incredible Rack System; Rock-N-Roll by attaching almost any cargo carrying apparatus Yakima offers through Truck Covers USA. The adventure options are endless – Bikes, Boards, Skis – Work, Play & Pack the Pleasure with Truck Covers USA’s American Rack System.

Options Available:

  • Yakima Tracks Pre-Installed
  • Yakima Tracks Pre-Cut For Self-Install
  • Yakima Complete Add-On System

(includes landing pads, skyline towers, lock cores & cargo bars)

Truck Cover USA

American Roll Cover

American Work Cover

American Rack System


Texas Truck & Trailer of Austin is here to provide rugged results and complete satisfaction when it comes to bringing your dream vehicle to life. Our experts know how to secure the right truck accessories for the job. We stock quality products from proven manufacturers, and we always back up our work with complete peace of mind.

I apologize for the confusion. If you’re looking for premium solutions for camper shells and work toppers, Truck Cover USA is a brand that offers high-quality products to match every enthusiast’s needs. You can explore their online store for inspiration on how to maximize your truck’s potential and make the most out of every mile.


Texas Truck & Trailer is a reputable provider of safe and professional services for your vehicle. They can assist you in finding the best deal and offer a free estimate on their products and services. Don’t forget to check their financing options if you have big plans in mind. You can contact them online or visit their East location if you are on the other side of Austin.


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